Lucie Kaňková

A surreal spin on Die Zauberflöte at Prague’s Estates Theatre

“Lucie Kaňková was a deliciously evil and elegant Queen of the Night, tossing off Mozart’s fiendish runs with pinpoint accuracy and crowning each of her arias with remarkably clear high notes” Seen and Heard International 06/12/2021 by Rick Perdian A surreal spin on Die Zauberflöte at Prague’s Estates Theatre

Lucie Kaňková impressed in the demanding role of Fiordiligi

“Lucie Kaňková impressed in the demanding role of Fiordiligi in terms of the range and tessitura with a freely formed tone, a pleasant, round timbre of her soprano even in the highest positions by cultivated and musical phrasing. The big aria of Fiordiligi turned out to be excellent…. Excellent singing performance, even dominant in the […]

She has more than enough talent and natural musicality and it is a pleasure to listen to her

She sang eight arias ranging from Bach’s Coffee Cantata, Handel’s Rinaldo and Vivaldi’s motet “In furore” through Purcell, Mozart and Caldar to a scene from Pergolesi’s opera “La serva padrona”. This was the centerpiece of the concert. Not only as a very large and complex singing performance, but also as a comic performance. The soloist […]

Lucie Kaňková – Forbes

Lucie Kaňková mentioned in Forbes magazine as one of the young amazing talents for future in the section “almost thirty” :  

Hubička – “The Kiss” from Ostrava makes us happy for several reasons

The young soprano Lucia Kaňková, who has excellent preconditions for key lirico-spinto roles, succeeded in her charming acting and singing creations. As Barče she managed to draw attention to herself non-violently, her moves were great and with the aria Hlásej, ptáčku she assured the audience that applauded enthusiastically she is a great promise for the […]

Le Nozze di Figaro of the Silesian Theater convinced that it was a successful audience hit

“A nice surprise was the performance of the guest Lucie Kaňková. I personally was fascinated by her rarely cultivated voice with a sensitive depiction of all the nuances, lightness and flexibility. She sings without unnecessary singing manners but with a concise sense for expressive shading of the part. Kaňková was also excellent in terms of […]

Monteverdi’s Coronation of Poppea as the second premiere of the new opera season

“Poppea was sung by soprano Lucie Kaňková at the premiere. She attracts attention with a sonorous, resonantly concentrated expression in all vocal positions. The strength of her interpretation lies in the consistent phrasing and thoughtful division of musical phrases, certainly as a result of her collaboration with the conductor during rehearsals.” “… Magically, in subtle shades […]

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