Lucie Kaňková

Tobit, Tobiáš, Sára, demons and angels… and Lucie Kaňková

“…Lucie Kaňková was the real star of the premiere evening. Crystalline voice, clear and sure coloratura, smiling confidence on stage… The character she portrayed bears the name of d’Azaria but at the very end, in front of a celebratory choir praising the Lord, it becomes clear, to the sound of the organ in an accentuated suspended moment that all along it was the archangel Raphael who is sent with a specific task to the God-fearing Tobit and his son… The young soprano, drawing attention to herself in the last few years with successes in many competitions and interesting domestic and foreign debuts, sang the role of “guardian angel” excellently and with an emanation of kind nobility. She greatly contributed to the fact that the Return of Tobias in the production of the Znojmo festival became a distinctive, positively charged experience and a real event….”

Petr Veber,


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