Lucie Kaňková

Soprano Lucie Kaňková sings the title role in Monteverdi´s Coronation of Poppey

Coronation of Poppey is one of the oldest and most important operas. It premiered in Venice in the season of 1642 to 1643 and many experts consider it the best opera of the 17th century, said playwright Zbyněk Brabec. “This opera can be found in the repertoire of many world theaters, not only for its impressive music, but also for a grateful libretto connecting a serious story with comic scenes. The final duet is one of the most beautiful in all opera literature,” he said. Because Monteverdi’s operas are operationally and artistically demanding, they are performed exceptionally in the Czech Republic. The Pilsen Theater has previously performed Monteverdi’s first opera Orfeo.

The coronation of Poppey staged musically by conductor, pianist and harpsichordist Vojtěch Spurný as a faithful interpretation of baroque music. “I am convinced that the calm power of Monteverdi’s opera will attract even those spectators who have never encountered such old music,” said director Tomáš Ondřej Pilař. The story takes place in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero, who expels his wife Octavia for the beautiful Poppea. The role of Poppey will be played by the Italian coloratura soprano Anastasia Terranovaová in alternation with the soprano Lucie Kaňková. The central role of the young emperor Nero, whose part was composed for the voice of the neuter, is alternated by young countertenors Filip Dámec and Vojtěch Pelka.

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